Consumer Code

What is the Consumer Code?
The Consumer Code is a set of guidelines that we follow as part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality new homes and service to all our customers. The Code enables us to safeguard our customers during and after purchasing their new home, ensuring that they are:

• Treated fairly;
• Know what service levels to expect;
• Are given reliable information to help them make their decisions; and
• Know how to access speedily, low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

The Code covers every stage of the home-buying process; from pre-contract, exchange of contracts and during the occupation.

Who is covered by the Consumer Code?
The Consumer Code covers all homebuyers who have signed a reservation agreement for a new or newly converted home on or after 1 June 2019 and that has been built by a home builder registered with one of the Home Warranty Bodies. Gleeson is covered by the NHBC and Premier Guarantee* to ensure that our homes comply with the requirements of the Consumer Code.

*Premier Guarantee is only available at our Calder View development, Mirflield, West Yorkshire

For more information:
Download the Consumer Code Leaflet

Consumer Code

Formal Complaints Process

Our commitment to you

At Gleeson, we understand that buying a new home is an exciting journey and we’d like to make your home-buying experience as memorable as possible; this is why our Customer Care Team is on hand to support you from the first day of your purchase with us. They will help you put your mind at ease about any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your new home.

Reporting an issue

If you want to tell us about an issue that we are not aware of, please login to My Gleeson, our customer friendly online portal, where you’ll be able to register all defects at your leisure 24 hours a day.

In the unlikely event that we’re unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you can refer to our formal complaints’ procedure below.

Dealing with your complaint

If you have a complaint that we have:

• Failed to do something we should have done (including a repair), or
• Done it badly, or
• Have treated you unfairly or discourteously

All complaints will need to be made in writing and must be emailed to

Your complaint will be acknowledged within two working days and we will endeavor to provide you with a full response within 10 working days.