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*Terms &Conditions

Images for illustration purposes only. *Based on purchasing plot 19 at Kings Park, Doncaster, DN7 5PB. Eligible applicants will be offered a gifted deposit up to 5% of the purchase price [based on the open market value]. The Example assumes a purchase price of £88,995 with Gleeson Homes offering a 5% gifted deposit [£4,449.75] and a personal deposit of 10% [£8,900.25] therefore the basic mortgage debt is £75,645. The rate is fixed at 1.74% fixed for 2 years. After the fixed rate period the mortgage will revert to the lenders standard base lending rate (currently 4.24%). There is an early repayment charge on the mortgage of £1,532.88 in Year 1 and £766.44 in Year 2. This charge is payable if all of the debt is repaid. A proportionate charge is payable for partial repayment. You are free to move the mortgage to another lender after the fixed rate term has ended. The APRC for this mortgage scheme is 4.07% and the total amount payable of the 35 year term will be £142,44.19. This means that every £1 borrowed will cost £1.86 to repay. There is an arrangement fee of £999 charged by the lender that can be added to the loan. There is no valuation fee payable on this deal. There is a redemption charge of £65.00 when the mortgage is repaid in full. The monthly mortgage payment currently would be £243.79 for 2 years. Additional costs for life insurance cover and insurance of your contents may need to be added to the above monthly figure. The mortgage is subject to status and credit scoring by the lender, the example does not represent any form of mortgage offer and does not oblige the lender to provide a mortgage. Not all mortgages are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. Written illustrations are available upon request