A Gleeson Home at Whinney Park was meant to be!

Melissa will soon be moving into her perfect Gleeson Home at Whinney Park in Ollerton with son Aaron, after living in a rented property a few miles away for the last few years.

Melissa, originally from the area, moved away after having Aaron 12 years ago.  The family decided they wanted to move back to Melissa’s home town 3 years ago, so put their house up for sale.  Unfortunately the sale fell through and the move never happened.

On a recent visit to see her mum, Melissa saw that there were still a few houses for sale at Whinney Park.  Now in a position to be able to buy a house, the sale went through successfully and Melissa and Aaron will move into their new home this summer.

Aaron’s Grandad, who sadly passed away last year, attended the local primary school and when he was younger wrote his name on one of the school bricks.  Still there today, Aaron is proud to see his Grandad’s name on his school wall so decided he would like to continue his memory by having a brick with their names on at his new Gleeson home!

Gleeson made Aaron’s wish come true and he laid the engraved brick ‘Melissa and Aaron 2018’ on his soon to be home, this week.

Melissa commented “We couldn’t believe it when we found out there were still a few houses available to buy at Whinney Park.  It is opposite Aaron’s new school, a few minutes’ walk from our family and a great place to live and raise Aaron.  He is thrilled to have a brick with our names on in his new ‘forever home’ and has gone to school very happy!”

Buyers still looking to move to Ollerton will be pleased to hear there is just one 3 bedroom house left for sale at Whinney Park for £123,995.  With plans for more exciting new home developments in the future!