Luck of the Irish….Couple’s Baby Joy After Moving Into New Gleeson Home

Whilst many people don’t believe in superstition Jeff and Laurieann now think there might be something in it after moving into their ‘lucky’ new Gleeson home named after the Irish River at Masefield Park, Chesterfield.  Not only did the home give this young could the opportunity to get onto the property ladder their dreams also came true less than 12 months later when they welcomed baby Ellisia.

Gleeson’s homes, which are all named after places in Ireland, are priced to suit local, first time buyers who, like Jeff and Laurieann who were struggling to quit the rent trap yet are desperate to own a home.  Monthly mortgage payments start from an incredible £280 per month which means for many people buying a new home can be more a reality than luck.

Laurieann commented, “We were concerned that we would never be able to buy a home, and we really didn’t want to bring a family up in rented accommodation, so we were incredibly proud to be homeowners when Ellisia came along.”

Jo Willoughby-Smith Sales Manager adds, “What a wonderful story! Here at Gleeson, we don’t just build houses, we build homes and we love to hear stories about our Gleeson babies! I was going to wish the three of them the best of luck for the future….but it sounds like they don’t need it! Our Masefield Park development has proved really popular and the next release is due before Christmas. We also have two new developments coming soon to the area so locals will need to register early to make sure they get to reserve their desired home and would urge local to register now to avoid missing out on their perfect home.

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