Retired Cabin Crew Member Books One Way Ticket For First Class Home


Are you ready to retire? Does your current home require a lot of upkeep and repairs? For some, a Gleeson home could be the answer to living an easier life. Gleeson have seen a growing demand from experienced homeowners seeking greater value for money later on in life. With new homes available from £119,995, there has never been a better time for buyers to sell up in the South of England and move up North. Buyers find that they are able to release equity without releasing control of their personal estate.


Brian Ellis has done exactly that, making the decision to return back to Goldthorpe after living the high life down South. He flew all over the world as Senior Cabin Crew member with one of the world’s leading airlines, but as he reaches retirement, has decided to return home to be with family in Yorkshire.


He says "Most of my family live in Yorkshire and it made sense for me to retire close to them. Comparing value for money against my property in the South, I was amazed at how affordable my new home was. Being a new build, moving in was hassle free and my utility bills are now much lower which is great. My new home is very comfortable and Barnburgh View boasts beautiful rural views being the perfect setting for the quieter life. The community are really friendly and I really could not be happier.”


Maxine Baxter Sales Manager says "We are seeing more and more out of area purchasers taking advantage of our house prices to either get a foot on the property ladder or to release some equity in later life. Barnburgh View’s location is a lovely rural setting and has proved popular with locals too "


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