The Gleeson Energy Survey 2016, The Results Are In & It’s Good News!


Did you know the cost of heating & lighting a new Gleeson Home is actually falling?

We have just carried out our annual energy survey to work out how much, on average, our households spend on gas and electric every year. The costs are taken from actual utility bills sent to us from our buyers who live in 2 & 3 bedroom semi-detached homes.

The results from this year’s survey make interesting reading with households paying an average of just £11.77 per week for gas and electric which is only £51 per month. This is 5% less than last year and an amazing 15% less than when we started the survey in 2013.

Sarah Marsden, Sales Director for Gleeson Homes said, “There is probably a combination of reasons for the this reduction including people using comparison sites to find the best deal, the introduction of Smart Meters so households can monitor usage plus our own policy of installing extremely efficient gas boilers with dual thermostat control plus the improved insulation and glazing in our new homes”.

It all adds up to good news for purchasers who have often moved from older rental properties and see significant savings in their energy bills when they move into a Gleeson Home. In fact, St Ledger Homes, who manage 21,000 properties in South Yorkshire state that the cost to heat and light one of their rental properties is £29.45 per week.

Sarah adds, “Many of our buyers find that mortgage repayments on Gleeson Homes are often less than renting a similar size property, so this positive news about the cost of energy bills means there really has never been a better time to buy!”