Young Couple Save Home Deposit in One Month…Just before Christmas!

Yes it’s true, and if you thought that was unbelievable, Charlotte was also busy working part time and studying Law, whilst trying to get on the property ladder!

Liam and Charlotte are proud new home owners on our Kings Park development in Stainforth, where properties can be bought from £92,995. They researched renting in the area and buying existing properties, but found that buying a three bed detached Gleeson Home meant not only more space, but it was also the cheaper option. It was a no brainer, Charlotte viewed renting as “dead money”, and both are now keen to share their saving tips to help others get onto that all important property ladder.


For Liam and Charlotte, it’s all about mind-set. They managed to save £1,600 before finding their home and thanks to the Help To Buy ISA received £450 bonus into their savings pot. They had made the decision to buy a Gleeson Home in October 2016. Due to their home being so affordable, they found that they could move in quicker than expected.

Liam explained “Family have been key in kick starting our savings. We both lived separately with our parents which helped us save quickly. We were really careful with our pay cheques for two months and the pounds quickly added up until we met our target. This meant we were able to move in sooner than we thought. At Christmas we bought everyone small presents, and family gave us money and things for our new home. After seeing how easy it was for us, my sister was interested, we recommended her and now she’s moving in on the same development”

Liam’s family live in Stainforth, and they know of a number of friends in the community who have also bought on Kings Park. Both Charlotte’s grandma and mum have bought new builds, so she already knew that buying new meant less maintenance long term. At Christmas, Charlottes grandma gave Charlotte her inheritance early to watch them invest it in their new home.

“My grandparents helped us add some extras onto our new home. They was delighted to help us out with the kitchen and shower. Being focused for a short time and being dedicated has helped us move quickly. Our home has taken over though! Liam comes home from work sometimes and finds me on YouTube watching washing machines. I can’t wait to move in and hoover!”

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