First time buyer schemes

Please contact your Sales Executive to discover which schemes are available on your chosen development.

Own your home with a 5% deposit

'Help to Buy' is a scheme designed to help you buy a new home with help from the Government through Homes England. The Government will provide an equity loan of up to 20 % of the purchase price.

How does it work?

There are 7 simple effective steps

  1. You reserve the plot of your choice. A £200 reservation fee is payable. You instruct a solicitor from our approved panel who will act in your best interests, who know and understand how Help To Buy works and with which we have negotiated competative rates for you.
  2. You will be given free mortgage advice from our recommended specialist mortgage adviser who will financially qualify you and advise which documents you need to provide.
  3. The specialist mortgage adviser will help you fill in the necessary forms to apply for Help To Buy.
  4. The documents are checked and the Homebuy agent grants you Authority to Proceed.
  5. When you have received the authority to proceed, your mortgage adviser will help you make your mortgage application to a suitable lender.
  6. When you have received your mortgage offer and your solicitor has carried out all the legal work you will exchange contracts. This will normally take about 8 weeks.
  7. When your new home is ready, your deposit, Help To Buy contribution and mortgage funds will be put together and when your solicitor is satisfied that the legal process is complete, legal completion can take place and you will receive the keys to your new home.
Did you know you can use our Save & Build scheme with Help to Buy?

Are you in the armed forces?

Forces Help to Buy leaflet

Did you know the Government will contribute towards your deposit?

How does it work?

For every £200 you save, receive a government bonus of £50. The maximum government bonus you can receive is £3,000.

The Help to Buy: ISA is available from a range of banks, building societies and credit unions.

The accounts are available to each first time buyer, not each household. This means that if you are planning to buy with your partner, for example, you could receive a government bonus of up to £6,000 towards your first home.

Save up to £200 a month into your Help to Buy: ISA. To kickstart your account, in your first month, you can deposit a lump sum of up to £1,200.

The minimum government bonus is £400, meaning that you need to have saved at least £1,600 into your Help to Buy: ISA before you can claim your bonus. The maximum government bonus you can receive is £3,000 – to receive that, you need to have saved £12,000.

When you are close to buying your first home, you will need to instruct your solicitor or conveyancer to apply for your government bonus. Once they receive the government bonus, it will be added to the money you are putting towards your first home. The bonus must be included with the funds consolidated at the completion of the property transaction. The bonus cannot be used for the deposit due at the exchange of contracts, to pay for solicitor’s, estate agent’s fees or any other indirect costs associated with buying a home.

Can your parents help you buy?

'Parents Invest' is designed to assist you, the first time buyer, if you do not have a deposit towards buying your first home.

How does it work?

There are 6 simple effective steps

  1. A reservation fee of £200 is taken to secure the plot of choice.
  2. We will arrange a meeting with our recommended specialist mortgage adviser, separately or with your parents.
  3. When your parents have accepted the amount they are going to invest in your new home (maximum 20% of the purchase price) your mortgage adviser, subject to status, will help you make your mortgage application to a suitable lender.
  4. You choose a solicitor from our approved panel who will be familiar with Parents Invest.
  5. When your Gleeson home is nearing completion and the legal process is complete your parents investment, any deposit you are paying and your mortgage will be put together. Legal completion takes place and you move into your new home.
  6. Your parents will receive their interest payment.